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Enforcement statistics

Enforcement Statistics

The following are some enforcement statistics of the MPFA for the period from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Actions against MPF trustees:

  Total number of complaint cases against trustees: 257

Actions against MPF trustees

Types of allegations

Total number of allegations*:338
Quality of customer services 33%
Handling of contributions and default contribution reporting 20%
Handling of member records and fund switching request 13%
Handling of accrued benefits transfer request 12%
Others 22%
*Since a complaint may cover more than one allegation, the total number of allegations may exceed the total number of complaints.

  Financial penalties imposed on trustees

  • Financial penalty notices issued: 11
  • Trustees penalised: 9
  • Total amount of penalties: $3,250,000

Actions against MPF intermediaries:

Non-compliance actDisciplinary action
Impersonating a scheme member to obtain his/her information from an MPF trusteeSuspended registration of a Subsidiary Intermediary for six months
Forgery of clients’ signatures and unauthorized transfer of clients’ MPFDisqualified two Subsidiary Intermediaries from registration for 20 to 30 months
Providing inaccurate information to clients and using marketing materials without prior approval by the Principal Intermediary
  • Publicly reprimanded a former Subsidiary Intermediary
  • Suspended registration of a Subsidiary Intermediary for three months
Asking clients to sign on incomplete forms and failing to keep record of clients’ instructions, etc.Issued compliance advice letters or reminder letters to eight Subsidiary Intermediaries and three Principal Intermediaries

Actions against non-compliant employers and scheme members:

  • Number of summonses applied: 633
  • Number of civil cases filed: 710
  • Total amount of default contribution recovered: $172,000,000

Last Revision Date: 30/10/2019