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Good MPF Employer Award

The Award is granted on an annual basis, covering the period from 1 April to 31 March of the following year. Employers who fulfill the following criteria may submit an application for the Award:

1. At Least One Year’s Participation in an MPF Scheme

Employers are required to have participated in an MPF scheme for at least one year (as at 31 March of the award year).

2. Compliance with Employer’s Statutory Obligations

As a basic requirement, employers must have complied with the relevant requirements under MPF legislation, including enrolling their employees in an MPF scheme and making contributions.

3. Provision of Better Retirement Protection for Employees

Apart from being compliant with MPF legislation, employers must have taken one or more extra steps towards enhancing the retirement protection of their employees. They must have fulfilled at least one of the following criteria during the year:

•   Offered more than one MPF scheme for employees to choose from; or
Offered MPF voluntary contributions for their employees; or
Offered other forms of retirement benefits for their employees under the MPF System (e.g. offered an ORSO top-up scheme for employees).

New Awards

Two new awards have been added to the Good MPF Employer Award 2016-17 programme:
      1. e-Contribution Award
      2. Support for MPF Management Award 

Companies/organizations that qualify for the Good MPF Employer Award and fulfill the assessment criteria for the new awards will receive extra recognition.  The specific assessment criteria are as follows:

1. e-Contribution Award

Employers must have submitted remittance statements or contributions to their trustees electronically (i.e. by email, via an internet system or contribution software provided by trustees) for any 3 months during the award year.

2. Support for MPF Management Award

Employers must have provided their employees with at least two kinds of support services that could help them manage their MPF during the award year.  For example, they may have:
•    Organized MPF talks for their employees; or
provided their employees with information about the MPF scheme(s) they are enrolled in (e.g. by posting the MPF scheme’s website, hotline or fund fact sheets etc. on the company or organization’s intranet or notice board); or
disseminated the latest information about the MPF System to their employees (e.g. information related to the Default Investment Strategy); or
•     provided assistance to their employees in consolidating their MPF accounts (e.g. by providing the employees with the form for MPF accounts consolidation); or
provided assistance to employees who intend to transfer their MPF benefits under the Employee Choice Arrangement (“ECA”) (e.g. by providing the employees with the scheme name and employer’s identification number of their MPF trustee to facilitate their filling in of the ECA transfer form, etc.)
Please read our detailed eligibility and assessment criteria before submitting an application.

Note: Notwithstanding the criteria listed above, the MPFA reserves the right to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the Award. In case of dispute, the decision of the MPFA shall be final.


Last Revision Date: 31/10/2017