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Q1. Why should our company apply for the Good MPF Employer Award?
A1: The Award recognizes your company’s efforts to provide better retirement protection for your employees, and projects a good corporate image for your company.
Q2. Is there any submission or processing fee for the Award?
A2: No. Participation is free of charge.
Q3. Are we eligible if our company offers more than one MPF scheme to some of our employees but not all of them?
A3: Yes. There is no minimum requirement regarding the coverage of this criterion.
Q4 Are we eligible if our company operates two MPF schemes, each for different ranks of employees?
A4: No. Staff should be offered a choice of more than one scheme in order to be eligible.
Q5. Are we eligible if our company offers an MPF scheme and an MPF-exempted ORSO scheme for our employees to choose from?
A5: No. Employers are required under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (Exemption) Regulation to provide an option for eligible employees to choose between an MPF scheme and an MPF-exempted ORSO scheme. Such option is thus not considered an extra step in enhancing the retirement protection of employees.
Q6. In addition to an MPF scheme, our company is participating in an ORSO scheme too. Do we have to comply with the ORSO legislation in order to be eligible?
A6: Yes.
Q7. Are there any requirements regarding the coverage, amount and vesting scale of the MPF voluntary contributions offered to our employees?
A7: No. There is no minimum requirement regarding these aspects of the MPF voluntary contributions offered to your employees.
Q8. Where can I find the “MPF Participation Number” as required in the application form?
A8: If you participated into an MPF scheme before August 2015, you should have received a Participation Certificate from your trustee. The “MPF Participation Number” is listed on the certificate (sample). Alternatively, you may also contact your trustee to enquire about your company’s “MPF Participation Number”.
Q9. Do we need to submit samples of our promotional materials using the Award logo to the MPFA for prior approval?
A9: No. Please refer to the “Guide For Using the Good MPF Employer Award Logo” for details about the correct use of the logo.
Q10. Can I nominate a company which I don’t work for?
A10: No. Employers can only be nominated by their own employees.
Q11. Can I nominate more than one employer?
A11: Yes you can, as long as you are an employee of each of the employers that you wish to nominate.
Q12. Any other questions?
A12: Please call our hotline at 2918 0102 or email us at

Last Revision Date: 10/06/2016