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Q1. Why should our company apply for the Good MPF Employer Award?
A1: The Award recognizes your company’s efforts to provide better retirement protection for your employees, and projects a good corporate image for your company.
Q2. Is there any submission or processing fee for the Award?
A2: No. Participation is free of charge.
Q3. What are the criteria for the Good MPF Employer Award and the new awards?
A3: Please click here for the detailed eligibility and assessment criteria of the Good MPF Employer Award, and the new e-Contribution Award and Support for MPF Management Award.
Q4. Can I apply for the e-Contribution Award and/or the Support for MPF Management Award alone, without applying for the Good MPF Employer Award?
A4: No. The e-Contribution Award and the Support for MPF Management Award are not standalone awards.  Companies/organizations fulfil the criteria for the Good MPF Employer Award can apply for the new award(s) at the time if they fulfil the criteria of the new award(s).
Q5. Where can I find the “MPF Participation Number” as required in the application form?
A5: If you joined an MPF scheme before August 2015, you should have received a Participation Certificate issued by the MPFA through your trustee. The “MPF Participation Number” can be found on the certificate (sample). If you were an awardee company/organization for the 2015-16 Award, you can also find the “MPF Participation Number” on your Good MPF Employer Certificate (sample). Otherwise, please contact your trustee to obtain your company/organization’s “MPF Participation Number”.
Q6. Do we need to submit samples of our promotional materials using the Award logo to the MPFA for prior approval?
A6: No. Please refer to the “Guide For Using the Good MPF Employer Award Logo” for details about the correct use of the logo.


Q7. Can I nominate a company which I don’t work for?
A7: No. Employers can only be nominated by their own employees.
Q8. Can I nominate more than one employer?
A8: Yes you can, as long as you are an employee of each of the employers that you wish to nominate.


Q9. Any other questions?
A9: Please call our Good MPF Employer Award hotline at 2292 1222 or email us at

Last Revision Date: 08/05/2017