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Successful awardees are entitled to the following privileges:

Using the Award Logo

Awardees are entitled to use the Award logo on their websites, promotional materials, and stationery, and in their advertisements, etc. for one year (i.e. from 1 October to 30 September of the following year).
Note: An awardee’s use of the Good MPF Employer Award logo in advertisements or promotional materials does not imply that the MPFA endorses the awardee’s products or services.

Listing on the MPFA Website

Awardees’ names will be listed on the MPFA website for members of the public to refer to.

Presentation of an Award Certificate

An Award certificate will be presented to each awardee.

Other MPFA Services

Awardees will be invited to MPFA events and receive MPFA publications.

Extra Recognition

Good MPF Employers that receive the e-Contribution Award and/or the Support for MPF Management Award will have their company / organization logo displayed on the dedicated Good MPF Employer Award webpage of the MPFA website.

Last Revision Date: 03/04/2018