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MPF Investment


The MPFA has launched the “MPFA TV” channel since January 2014 to publicize MPF messages through a series of videos.  The series comprises ten videos, which are presented in the form of TV programmes like finance programme, TV travel show, game show, beauty contest, sports programme, weather report, etc. to introduce various MPF topics in a light-hearted manner.

To augment the publicity impact of the videos, a series of print advertisements have been published in various newspapers and magazines to publicize the messages.  The print advertisements are in Chinese only.

MPF Investment Education Comic Strips

To deepen public’s knowledge in MPF investment, the MPFA has developed various series of MPF investment education comic strips (available in Chinese only), featuring the local popular comic character, Maggiology (馬仔). You may also visit the MPF Investment Education Thematic Website (Multimedia Zone), where both static and animated versions are available.

MPF JJ Five Band

To enhance public understanding of MPF funds, the MPFA has produced a series of “MPF JJ Five Band” print advertisements, which introduce the five major types of MPF funds through the members of the JJ Five Band. The salient features and relative risk levels of different funds are explained through making reference of hiking routes of different difficulty.


Last Revision Date: 29/04/2019