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MPFA Chairman writes blog to dispel misconceptions about MPF performance

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) Chairman Dr David Wong today (1 April) wrote his second blog post on the MPFA website to dispel commonly held misconceptions that “the MPF is always in the red”.

In his blog post, Dr Wong quoted figures from the report Investment Performance of the MPF System in 2017, which show that in 2017, the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System recorded a return of 22.3% after deducting fees and charges. And from its inception to the end of February 2018, the annualized rate of return was 4.9%. One-third of the total assets was investment return.

He quoted examples to illustrate that members’ returns hinge on their investment decisions.

He stressed that the MPF is a long-term savings system for retirement, and that scheme members should take good care of their MPF, and be aware that their risk tolerance level and needs change at different stages of life. He encouraged scheme members to take advantage of the MPF to build up their retirement savings.

Please click here for the MPFA blog. The blog is in Chinese only.



Last Review Date: 03/04/2018