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Good MPF Employer Award 2017-18 open for applications

The Good MPF Employer Award 2017-18 is inviting applications and nominations from today (3 April) to 30 June 2018.
This year, interested employers can submit their application online. They can fill in and submit an application form on the Good MPF Employer Award website. Employers can also submit the application form to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) by email, fax, post or in person.
Employees can nominate their employer for the Award by submitting a nomination form.
The Good MPF Employer Award is an annual programme, whose aim is to promote and foster employer compliance with MPF legislation; encourage employers to provide better retirement benefits for their employees; and give recognition to employers who are exemplary in enhancing the retirement benefits of their employees. Apart from having participated in a Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme for at least one year and complying with the MPF legislation, a Good MPF Employer must have provided extra retirement protection for its employees.
Starting from last year, two new awards have been added to the programme: the e-Contribution Award and the Support for MPF Management Award. Companies / organizations that qualify for the Good MPF Employer Award and fulfil the assessment criteria for the new awards will receive extra recognition for their efforts to adopt an electronic system for MPF administration and to encourage their employees to actively manage their MPF, respectively.
The results of the Good MPF Employer Award 2017-18 will be announced in October 2018. The awardees will be entitled to a number of privileges, including using the award logo on their websites, in their promotional materials, on their stationery and in advertisements, etc., until 30 September 2019.
The MPFA will hold an award presentation ceremony later this year, at which award certificates will be presented to the awardees. The list of awardees will be uploaded to the MPFA website for reference by members of the public.
The MPFA will also provide special services to the awardees, such as organizing seminars for them, sending them MPFA publications and news, and providing early-bird enrolment for MPFA events.
This is the fourth year the MPFA has organized the Good MPF Employer Award. The response in the past three years has been encouraging, with 879 companies / organizations receiving the Good MPF Employer Award in 2017. The awardees came from different industries, including finance, construction, transportation and catering, and were estimated to employ over 160,000 employees overall.
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3 April 2018


Last Review Date: 03/04/2018