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Over 1,000 employers commended as Good MPF Employers 2017-18

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) held the Good MPF Employer Award Presentation (GMEA) Ceremony today (9 October). A total of 1,102 employers received the award this year, setting a new record for the GMEA programme.

Nearly 90% of the awardees made voluntary Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) contributions for their employees and over 20% provided more than one MPF scheme for their selection. Over 30% of the awardees were recognized for four years in a row.

In addition, more than 60% of the awarded employers were small-and-medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 99 employees. This shows that regardless of company size, employers are attaching greater importance to providing better retirement protection for their employees.

This year, the GMEA presentation ceremony was officiated by Acting Secretary for Labour and Welfare Mr Caspar Tsui and attended by over 500 guests, including awardees, and representatives of eight supporting organizations, 19 endorsing organizations and the MPF industry.

Speaking at the award presentation ceremony, MPFA Chairman Dr David Wong said, “Providing better retirement benefits for employees will help instil a sense of belonging among staff, which will eventually translate into hard work, creating a win-win situation for employers and employees.”

He pointed out that total MPF asset value was about $860 billion, equivalent to approximately 80% of the Government’s fiscal reserves, making MPF savings a very important asset for Hong Kong’s ageing population.

Acting Secretary for Labour and Welfare Mr Caspar Tsui expressed his support for the MPFA in commending good employers through this annual event. He said, “The MPF System is a vital pillar of the retirement protection framework in Hong Kong. The Government will continue to work closely with the MPFA to refine the System and other pillars supporting the framework.”

To encourage employers to make use of technology to handle MPF administrative work, the MPFA introduced the e-Contribution Award last year. To further promote the adoption of electronic services, an exhibition was held concurrently with the GMEA ceremony. Ten trustees displayed their latest electronic tools and online systems, and demonstrated how these free tools and services helped employers manage their MPF contributions more accurately and conveniently without incurring any extra cost.

MPFA Managing Director Ms Alice Law noted the MPFA had rolled out various digital tools in recent years, including the electronic Portability Automation Services System in 2012 and the e-Enquiry of Personal Account platform in 2016 to help different users of the MPF System manage MPF transactions or their MPF accounts with greater efficiency and convenience.

She thanked the trustees for supporting the initiative, not only introducing different free e-tools to meet the needs of employers and employees, but also providing various services to help employers use the tools to manage MPF contributions. She called on employers to keep pace with the times and embark on the “digital transformation”, making good use of technology and e-tools to reduce manual procedures and paper documents.

She added that she expected the introduction of the centralized electronic platform “eMPF” to bring about “smart administration” and that this smart, user-centric digital platform would greatly improve the overall user experience.

A sharing session was specially arranged in today’s ceremony for two Good Employers to talk about their first-hand experience in using digital services. The employers talked about how the adoption of digital services had expedited data submission and verification procedures from a whole day to just half an hour. They pointed out that E-alert was another very useful function, especially for preventing delays in making contributions for new staff members. They strongly encouraged other employers to use these services to enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of going digital.

The Good MPF Employer Award is an annual programme, which seeks to promote and foster employer compliance with MPF legislation and encourage employers to provide better retirement benefits for their employees. The awarded employers come from a wide range of industries, including trading, finance, construction, transport and catering, and are estimated to employ over 180,000 employees overall. The full list of Good MPF Employers 2017-18 is on the MPFA website.

Acting Secretary for Labour and Welfare Mr Caspar Tsui, Commissioner for Labour Mr Carlson Chan, MPFA Chairman Dr David Wong, and MPFA Managing Director Ms Alice Law with guests and representatives of organizations receiving the Good MPF Employer Award 2017-18.

(Photos 2-7) Acting Secretary for Labour and Welfare Mr Caspar Tsui, Commissioner for Labour Mr Carlson Chan, MPFA Chairman Dr David Wong, and MPFA Managing Director Ms Alice Law visiting the exhibition on trustees’ electronic services.


9 October 2018


Last Review Date: 10/10/2018