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Revised MPF Guidelines Issued

The MPFA has issued 9 sets of revised Guidelines in October 2017:

1. Guidelines on Application for Approval as Trustees and Application for Approval as Controllers of Approved Trustees (Guidelines I.1);
2. Guidelines on Application for Registration of Provident Fund Schemes (Guidelines I.2);
3. Guidelines on Eligible Insurers (Guidelines I.4);
4. Guidelines on Application for Approval of Pooled Investment Funds (Guidelines I.6);
5. Guidelines on Annual Statements of Approved Pooled Investment Funds (Guidelines II.5);
6. Guidelines on Reserving Standards for Investment Guarantees (Guidelines III.9);
7. Guidelines on Election for Transfer of Accrued Benefits (Guidelines IV.3)
8. Guidelines on MPF Intermediary Registration and Notification of Changes (Guidelines VI.1); and
9. Guidelines on Annual Returns to be Delivered by Registered Intermediaries (Guidelines VI.3).

A brief description of the revised Guidelines is available here.

List of MPF Guidelines

Last Revision Date: 06/10/2017