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New and Revised MPF Guidelines Issued


The MPFA has issued 12 sets of new and revised Guidelines in March 2017:

1. Guidelines on Monthly Returns of Registered Schemes (Guidelines II.1)
2. Guidelines on Monthly Returns of Approved Pooled Investment Funds being Capital Preservation Funds (Guidelines II.2)
3. Guidelines on Annual Statements of Registered Schemes (Guidelines II.4)
4. Guidelines on Internal Control Report for Each Registered Scheme (Guidelines II.6)
5. Guidelines on Notification of Events of Significant Nature (Guidelines II.9)
6. Guidelines on Quarterly Statistical Returns of the Default Investment Strategy of Registered Schemes (Guidelines II.10) (New)
7. Guidelines on Capital Preservation Funds (Guidelines III.6)
8. Guidelines on Election for Transfer of Accrued Benefits (Guidelines IV.3)
9. Guidelines on Payment of Accrued Benefits – Documents to be Submitted to Approved Trustees (Guidelines IV.4)
10. Guidelines on Unclaimed Benefits (Guidelines IV.21)
11. Guidelines on Transfer Process under Sections 148A and 148B of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (General) Regulation (Guidelines IV.24)
12. Guidelines on MPF Exempted ORSO Schemes – Withdrawal of Minimum MPF Benefits (Guidelines V.11)

A brief description of the revised Guidelines is available here.

List of MPF Guidelines

Last Revision Date: 09/03/2017