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Access to Information

Access to Information

The MPFA has designated an Access to Information Officer to be responsible for ensuring that requests under MPFA’s Code on Access to Information are properly handled.

Information Published or Made Available Routinely

The following information is available on this website:
Category Information
About MPFA Organizational structure, mission & role, services, performance pledges
About the MPF System & occupational retirement schemes System/Scheme features, each party’s role, relevant statistics
For industry practitioners Relevant legislation, guidelines and forms
For employers, employees, and the self-employed Enrolment and contribution arrangements, MPF investment information, and forms
For investors, the public and the press Registers, useful lists, annual reports, other publications, articles, press releases, and audio-visual productions
General reference A list of categories of MPFA’s records

The following information is also available at MPFA’s offices:
(a) Public registers established under relevant legislation; and
(b) Hard copies of MPF booklets and publications (while stock lasts).

For access to other information, please forward your requests to MPFA’s Access to Information Officer.

Procedures and Charges

Information held by MPFA but not published or routinely made available may be requested verbally by calling MPFA’s hotline at 2918 0102, in writing via letter or email, or by filling in the application form obtainable from MPFA’s offices and downloadable here. Requests can be sent by fax (fax no: 2259 8806), by email (email address: or by post to:
Access to Information Officer
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
Level 8, Tower 1, Kowloon Commerce Centre,
51 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung,
New Territories, Hong Kong

Information available on this website is provided free of charge, with some restrictions on re-dissemination or reproduction as set out in the Copyright Notice. Black and white printouts of information from this website can be purchased at a charge of HK$1.00 per A4 size page.

Copies of entries in the Register of Occupational Retirement Schemes are available at a fee as prescribed under the Occupational Retirement Schemes (Fees) Rules:
Item Fee
Inspection of an entry in the register HK$10.00
A copy of an entry in the register certified as correct HK$110.00

Depending on the nature of the information required, the following charges may be levied on other requests:
Item Charge
Material cost:  
Photocopying black and white on A3 or A4 size paper HK$1.00 per sheet
CD Rom HK$2.5 per CD
Others To be assessed
Local ordinary mail HK$2.0 per three A4 size sheets
Others (e.g. bulk mail, international mail) To be assessed

For enquiries, please call MPFA’s hotline at 2918 0102.

The MPFA’s Code on Access to Information

A copy of MPFA’s Code on Access to Information can be downloaded here.

Last Revision Date: 27/11/2018