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Press Release


MPF registered intermediaries

The MPFA has recently received enquiries from the public about phone calls from people claiming to be a representative of the Government, the MPFA, "an MPF agency" or "an MPF corporate intermediary", saying they would like to discuss about MPF investments and provide information about the Employee Choice Arrangement. In most cases, the caller invites the member of the public to a meeting and even asks for specific information about his or her MPF account(s).

It is important to note that the MPFA NEVER contacts members of the public to invite them to a meeting or to ask for information about their MPF accounts for the purpose of selling or advising on MPF products. Nor will the MPFA EVER appoint anyone else to do so.

The MPF Intermediaries Register on the MPFA website contains the names of all registered MPF intermediaries. The public can check the Register or call the MPFA Hotline on 2918 0102 to find out whether a particular person is a registered MPF intermediary.