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“MPFA Apps”

This application is produced by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority ("MPFA"). It provides background information about the Mandatory Provident Fund ("MPF") System, the mission and role of MPFA and the services it provides to members of the public, MPF educational information, and some useful links to relevant organizations. It contains two MPF Calculators to help users estimating retirement needs and projecting MPF accrued benefits.  An apps portal is also added at the home page to link to all MPFA mobile applications.  Users can click on the icons to download and use the selected MPFA application directly from there.
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System requirement: iOS 4.3 or above / Android 2.1 or above


“MPFA ePA Mobile App”

This mobile application is established by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (“MPFA”). It provides an easy-accessible channel for members of Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) schemes to look up their own MPF personal accounts at any time.
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System requirement: iOS 8 or above / Android 4.1 or above

“Retirement Planning Mobile App” (Available in Chinese only)

Smart phones are more and more popular these days, and are often used for such diverse purposes as making social connections, handling daily matters, shopping, as well as money management. To tap into this trend, the MPFA has launched a mobile app that enables you to use your phone for convenient money management and retirement planning.

The app includes three useful money management tools. With each performing different functions, together they can help you set up a personal savings plan according to your retirement needs, manage your money wisely and achieve your savings goals effectively.
  1. Retirement planning calculator: Calculates the retirement savings you will need, as well as the amount of MPF benefits and other savings you can expect to receive at 65, to help you set up your savings goals.
  2. Spending tracker: Logs your income and expenses and presents them graphically for easy analysis. Keeps you on track with your savings plan.
  3. Shopping list: Enables you to record the prices of products sold in different stores and calculates how much you can afford to spend, based on your current income and expenses.
An Interactive Corner in the app links to some useful MPF management online tools as well as the MPFA educational Facebook fanpage “Workplace Incredibles”, enabling you to get the latest MPF information promptly and undertake timely reviews of your retirement investment strategies.
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System requirement: iOS 7 or above / Android 4.3 or above


“MVP (Most Valuable Player) @ Workplace” (Available in Chinese only)

The MPFA has launched a mobile application "MVP (Most Valuable Player) @ Workplace", with a view to equipping and disseminating MPF messages to young people who are currently in part-time jobs, are about to graduate, or have recently joined the workforce. Apart from tips on job-hunting and popular interview questions, the app has been loaded with more interactive and experiential features, including “CV Generator” and “Virtual Interview” functions that provide young people with up-to-date information on MPF and help them with job hunting. In addition, an “MPF Application Interactive Walkthrough” function in the “MPF Corner” provides users with practical experience in filling out an MPF Enrolment Form, along with points to note when filling in the information. Users of the app who join the “Becoming MVP” reward programme also have the chance to win prizes by accomplishing designated MPF-related missions.
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System requirement: iOS 9 or above / Android 4.1 or above


Last Revision Date: 10/01/2018