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05/06/2020 MPF Statistics Update: MPF Statistics as at end May 2020 has been uploaded
02/06/2020 The May 2020 Prescribed Savings Rate has been announced
15/05/2020 The April 2020 MPF constituent fund prices have been uploaded
03/05/2020 MPFA blog - Employees should learn more about their MPF rights for better retirement protection
05/04/2020 MPFA blog - Stay calm in the face of market volatility, especially scheme members close to retirement
01/03/2020 MPFA blog - Joint effort by employers and employees to protect MPF rights
25/02/2020 Investment Performance of the MPF System in 2019 has been uploaded
17/02/2020 MPF Schemes Statistical Digest: The December 2019 Issue of MPF Schemes Statistical Digest has been uploaded
17/02/2020 Sharing by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, and Mr Leo Chu, Chief Operating Officer, on "MPF System and Digital Transformation", for Fintech and IT Companies of the Cyberport Community
09/02/2020 MPFA blog - Start saving for retirement today
05/01/2020 MPFA blog - Keep taking a long-term view and enhancing risk management in the new year
05/12/2019 Presentation by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, on eMPF Platform, for The Fintech Association of Hong Kong
03/12/2019 Keynote speech by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, at the Luncheon organized by the Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association
02/12/2019 Opening speech by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, at the "Top Funds Awards 2019" Awards Presentation Ceremony organized by the Bloomberg Businessweek (Chinese Edition)
01/12/2019 MPFA blog - Keeping up with global retirement protection developments and creating a new digital era for the MPF (Chinese only)
26/11/2019 Opening Remarks by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, at "MPF e-Tools Experience Day" (in Chinese only)
26/11/2019 Presentation by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, on "eMPF Platform - Vision, Challenges and Way Forward", at Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia Fintech Luncheon
03/11/2019 MPFA blog - Making additional contributions for better retirement protection while diversifying investment portfolio in the face of market volatility (Chinese only)
06/10/2019 MPFA blog - Built for employers and employees eMPF opens a new chapter for the MPF System (Chinese only)
22/08/2019 Statistical Analysis of Accrued Benefits Held by Scheme Members of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (2019) has been uploaded
09/08/2019 MPFA launches one-stop MPF Fund Platform mobile application
07/07/2019 MPFA Blog - Enhancing the professionalism of the industry to add value to scheme members’ contributions (Chinese only)
02/06/2019 MPFA Blog - Strengthening retirement protection benefits both employers and employees (Chinese only)
24/05/2019 "Statistical Report on Claims for Offsetting Severance Payment and Long Service Payment against MPF Accrued Benefits (2018)" has been uploaded
05/05/2019 MPFA Blog - Enhancing transparency of MPF information helps promote market competition and drive fee reductions (Chinese only)
25/04/2019 Speech by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, on “One Platform, One MPF - Our Vision for a Digital Future”, at “Lipper Fund Awards 2019” Presentation Ceremony
13/04/2019 Presentation by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, on "Financial Services and Fintech: Solutions to Longevity Risk and Retirement Security from MPF Perspective", at the Accounting Development Foundation 10th Anniversary ADF Conference (in Chinese only)
07/04/2019 MPFA Blog - Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions encourages scheme members to save early for retirement (Chinese only)
28/03/2019 Briefing by Ms Alice Law, Managing Director, for the Fintech Association of Hong Kong on "Development of a Centralized Platform for MPF Scheme Administration"
03/03/2019 MPFA Blog - Understanding different types of MPF funds is essential for managing your MPF (in Chinese only)

Last Revision Date: 05/06/2020