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MPF Education

2014/15 Parenting Workshops for Kindergarten Children and their Parents

The MPFA continues to join hands with the Po Leung Kuk, as well as with the Education Bureau as co-organizer, to stage a series of parenting workshops on money management for kindergarten children and their parents in the 2014/15 academic year. The aim of the workshop is to encourage kindergarten children to form the good habit of saving for the future, equip their parents with practical skills in coaching their children on proper attitudes towards money management, and disseminate helpful messages on the MPF System and MPF investment to the parents, many of whom are also MPF scheme members.

The workshop comprises three sessions: one for children, one for parents, and a joint session. Through different simulated scenes, the children will learn about money management, while the parents will learn basic concepts of family budgeting and retirement planning, including MPF investment, through case studies. The parents will then accompany their children on a simulated shopping task, in which their children have to make decisions on their own. The workshop will end with a debriefing session by social workers.

Children's session

The children go through different simulated scenes related to money management, including working, spending, saving and offering.

Parents' session

Parents learn about family budgeting and retirement planning, including MPF investment, through case studies and group discussions.

Joint session

With the help of their parents, children carry out a shopping task following a shopping list, in which they have to compare prices and make decisions on their own. Social workers wrap up the workshop with a debriefing session.


Last Revision Date: 29/01/2015