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2015/16 Parenting Workshops for Kindergarten Children and their Parents

To encourage kindergarten children to develop proper attitudes towards money management, as well as to equip their parents with knowledge and skills for family budgeting and MPF investment, the MPFA continues to organize its Kindergarten Programme which ties in with school curriculum in this academic year, with the Education Bureau as the co-organizer.  The programme, consists of storybook and parenting workshops, with the following salient features:
  1. Storybook “MPF Town”
The storybook is suitable for K.2 – K.3 students. The children learn three key concepts on money management – saving, spending and offering, through three interesting stories complemented by a series of mini-games, finger puppets and a handcrafted saving box.  MPF messages for parents and teachers are also incorporated in the storybook, and a teaching kit has been developed to facilitate lively in-class teaching.

Children learn about proper money management concepts through interesting stories, mini-games, finger puppets and a handcrafted saving box enclosed in the storybook.
Click here to download the storybook. (Chinese version only)
A supplementary money management reward worksheet is provided to participating children to encourage them to put their money management knowledge into action with the guidance of their parents.  Participating children who successfully complete the worksheet tasks are awarded a certificate of recognition.
Kindergarten children are encouraged to put money management concepts into action by carrying out the tasks in the reward worksheet
  1. Parenting Workshops
The MPFA has joined hands again with the Po Leung Kuk to stage a series of parenting workshops on money management for kindergarten children and their parents.  The aims of the workshops are to encourage kindergarten children to form good habits of saving for the future, equip their parents with practical skills in coaching their children on proper attitudes towards money management, and disseminate helpful messages on the MPF System and MPF investment to the parents, many of whom are also MPF scheme members.
The workshop comprises three sessions – a children’s session, a parents’ session, and a joint session.  Through different simulated scenes, the children learn key messages on money management, while the parents learn basic concepts of family budgeting and retirement planning, including MPF investment.  The parents are also encouraged to start financial planning early, especially in preparing for their retirement life, so as to act as a role model for their children.  During the joint session, the parents accompany their children to complete a simulated shopping task, in which their children have to make decisions on their own.  The workshop ends with a debriefing session led by experienced social workers.
Children's session
Children go through different simulated scenes related to money management, including working, spending, saving and offering.
Parents' session
Parents learn about family budgeting and retirement planning, including MPF investment, through case studies and group discussions.
Joint session
Children carry out a shopping task with the help of their parents. They learn how to be a wise shopper and spend money wisely.
(Photos were taken at Po Leung Kuk Tang Bik Wan Memorial Kindergarten and Hop Yat Church Chan Pak Wang Memorial Kindergarten.)


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