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2011/12 Storybook, Acting Competition and Parenting Online Photo Competition for Kindergarten Kids

To educate children money management skills and help them develop proper attitudes on financial management, the MPFA had developed storybooks for kindergarten kids in the past three years. For academic year 2011/12, the MPFA continued to have the Education Bureau as the supporting organization and launched a parenting programme for kindergarten kids. The Programme comprised of the following five components:

1. Storybook and Teaching Kit

Children could learn four key concepts in money management – working, saving, spending and donation, through an interesting adventure story. MPF messages for parents and teachers were also incorporated in the storybook. In addition, a teaching kit was developed to facilitate teachers’ in-class teaching. The storybook was distributed to about 90,000 kids from about 650 kindergartens, which accounted for more than 75% of the local kindergartens in Hong Kong. The kids could also share the money management messages with their family members.

Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten
Kindergarten Kindergarten

Children can learn proper money management concepts through an interesting story, parenting games and finger puppets enclosed in the storybook.


Click here to view the storybook (in Chinese only).

2. Acting Competition

Moreover, all kindergarten kids in Hong Kong were invited to participate in a school-based acting competition to help them reinforcing their money management knowledge and developing saving habit by reading the storybook and role playing the story. The competition was held from October to November 2011. Among over 30 entries received, 10 outstanding finalists were selected to join the finale.

3. Drama Workshops

Workshops hosted by a professional drama troupe were organized for the 10 finalist teams in December 2011. Kindergarten kids could acquire acting skills and money management concepts through interactive games. The drama troupe also shared with teachers the training technique to further equip the kids for the Competition.

4. Online Parenting Photo Competition

Parents could join the online photo competition by sharing photos of their kids who dressed up as the characters of the story and submitting their comments after reading the storybook. All entries were uploaded on the designated thematic webpage for online voting for the “Most Favourite Styling” award in February 2012.

5. Finale cum Prize Presentation Ceremony

Kindergarten kids, their parents and teachers from the finalist teams and the winners of the online parenting photo competition were invited to join the finale cum prize presentation ceremony on 25 February 2012 at the Academic Hall of Hong Kong Baptist University. Experts on financial education and renowned celebrities were invited to share their experience in educating children to develop proper attitude towards money management.

For details of the Programme, please refer to the Chinese webpage.


Last Revision Date: 19/10/2012