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2013/14 Programme for Kindergarten Kids and their Parents

To encourage kids to form a good habit of saving and develop proper attitudes on financial management, the MPFA continues to organize a parenting programme for the kindergarten kids in academic year 2013/14, with the Education Bureau as the supporting organization for the fourth consecutive year.  The salient features of the Programme comprise:
1.      A storybook and a teaching kit

Children will learn four key concepts on money management – working, saving, spending and offering, through an interesting story complemented by a series of parenting activities.  MPF messages for parents and teachers were also incorporated in the storybook.  In addition, a teaching kit and a board game were developed to facilitate teachers’ in-class teaching.


Children can learn proper money management concepts through an interesting storybook and a board game.

Click here to download the storybook.

2.      School-based activities
Workshops hosted by professional instructors will be organized for 20 kindergartens.  Kindergarten kids will acquire money management concepts via experiential games and training as well as attractive giant board game. Moreover, kids will be given a take-home item with the MPF messages for the parents to help disseminate MPF messages to the scheme members.


Last Revision Date: 15/10/2013