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2014/15 Storybook and Money-Management Reward Booklet for Kindergarten Programme

To encourage kindergarten children to develop a proper attitude towards money management and form good saving habits, the MPFA has produced a storybook series on money management over the past six academic years. A brand new storybook entitled "MPF Circus" has been produced for the 2014/15 academic year, with the Education Bureau as the co-organizer.

Children learn four key concepts of money management - working, saving, spending and offering - through an interesting story on the adventure of three circus members to MPF Island to look for an elephant, which masters an excellent dancing technique. This is complemented by a series of parenting activities. MPF messages for parents and teachers have also been incorporated in the storybook. In addition, a teaching kit has been developed to facilitate in-class teaching in a lively manner.

Children will be able to learn proper money-management concepts through an interesting storybook, parenting games and finger puppets enclosed in the storybook.

Click here to download the storybook. (in Chinese version only)

In addition, a supplementary money-management reward booklet is provided for each participating kindergarten student to encourage them to put the money-management knowledge acquired from the storybook into action with the guidance of their parents. Kindergarten children who successfully complete the tasks specified in the booklet are awarded a certificate of recognition.


Kindergarten children are encouraged to put money-management concepts into action by playing the games and carrying out the tasks set out in the rewards table.


Last Revision Date: 08/10/2014