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MPF Industry Schemes Committee

The MPF Industry Schemes Committee (“ISC”) is a statutory committee established under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance(“MPFSO”) (Chapter 485, Laws of Hong Kong) to monitor the effectiveness of industry schemes and advise on ways to improve the administration and operation of the schemes in the interests of scheme members.

The ISC consists of a chairman, at least one (but no more than two) representative(s) of the approved trustee of each industry scheme, and no fewer than six other persons, appointed by the Financial Secretary of HKSAR. An Executive Director is designated by MPFA to serve on the ISC.



Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping, GBS, JP
(Since 25 August 2016)
Co-founder and Non-Executive Director of Techtronic Industries Company Limited


Mr Lawrence Ng San-wa, MH
(Since 25 August 2012)
President, Hong Kong Construction Sub-Contractors Association

Mr Tang Ka-hin
(Since 25 August 2012)
Membership Affairs Officer, Chinese and Western Food Workers Union

Mr Simon Wong Kit-lung, JP
(Since 25 August 2012)
President, Institution of Dining Art

Mr Cyras Chin Chi-keung
(Since 25 August 2014)
Director, Hsin Chong Construction Company Limited

Mr Kwok Wang-hing
(Since 25 August 2014)
Chairman, Eating Establishment Employees General Union

Mr Wong Ping
(Since 25 August 2014)
Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union

Mr Chan Pak-kan
(Since 25 August 2016)
Chairman, Construction Site Workers General Union

Mr Lee Yuen-hong
(Since 25 August 2016)
Chairman, Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades Limited

Mr Adrian Li Man-kiu, JP
(Since 25 August 2006)
Director, Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited

Mr Johnson Wong Ho-shun
(Since 25 August 2016)
Business Development Director, BCT Financial Limited

Mr Cheng Yan-chee
(Since 3 April 2013)
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Executive Director, MPFA

Last Revision Date: 22/09/2017