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Message from the Managing Director

Photo of Mrs Diana Chan, Managing Director of MPFAWelcome to the virtual gateway to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA).
The MPFA is responsible for regulating and supervising MPF schemes and ORSO schemes.  We monitor the operations of the industry, enforce the law against non-compliant parties, educate the public on the MPF System and MPF investment, and refine the MPF System to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.  
Through this website, we seek to provide you with a wide range of information, from an overview of the MPF System, the governance of MPFA, to our work and latest developments of the System. We offer a wealth of reference information and educational materials, not only for those who are involved with the MPF System, but also for anyone who is interested in knowing more about the retirement protection system in Hong Kong.
This website encompasses different features, such as a mobile version, mobile app, RSS, and integration with social media.  A variety of formats are deployed in the presentation of the contents, including videos, a drama series and interactive facilities. Also available are soft copies of MPFA’s publications and hyperlinks to thematic websites, such as that on investment education.  You can also subscribe to an e-alert service to keep abreast of the latest news.
We value your support and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.  Meanwhile, do enjoy your Internet tour!

Diana Chan

Last Revision Date: 02/03/2018