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Complaints and Disciplinary Orders Against MPF Intermediaries

Complaints and Disciplinary Orders Against MPF Intermediaries

Complaints against MPF Intermediaries

MPFA will receive all complaints in relation to MPF sales and marketing activities.

It will conduct initial processing of the complaints. If the information provided suggests a possible breach of the conduct requirements, it will assign the complaints to the relevant frontline regulators ("FRs") for consideration of initiating investigation.

FRs will be responsible for the supervision and investigation of relevant registered MPF intermediaries. In non-compliance cases, MPFA will be the sole authority to impose disciplinary sanctions, taking into account the information obtained by FRs in the course of their investigation and the representation of the intermediaries concerned.

For detailed information about MPF intermediaries, please refer to the leaflet "Learn More about MPF Intermediaries". To facilitate our handling of your complaint, you are encouraged to complete the Complaint Form and send it to us.

You may find more information about “Complaints Against MPF Intermediaries” here.


Disciplinary Orders against MPF Intermediaries

Under the statutory regime with effect from 1 November 2012, frontline regulators ("FRs") will be responsible for the day-to-day supervision as well as the investigation of complaints made against registered MPF intermediaries who are also their regulatees.  They will provide information to MPFA in respect of suspected breaches of performance requirements for registered MPF intermediaries.  MPFA will take into account the information received from FRs and the representation of the regulated person concerned in deciding whether a disciplinary order (i.e. reprimand, fine, suspension of registration, revocation of registration, and/or disqualification of registration) is justified.
All appeals against MPFA’s disciplinary decisions against MPF intermediaries will be handled by a statutory and independent body, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Appeal Board. 

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