eMPF Platform

eMPF Platform


The eMPF Platform is a major infrastructure which aims to reshape the administrative models of MPF schemes and to standardize, streamline and automate the existing scheme administrative processes. It is the most significant reform of the MPF System since its introduction.  Through the adoption of new technologies and future-proof innovative solutions, the Platform will provide comprehensive MPF scheme administration services to 4.7 million MPF scheme members and 360,000 employers, bringing about revolutionary changes to the MPF ecosystem.

MPFA was tasked to design, build and operate the eMPF Platform.  When the eMPF Platform is fully operational, it will enhance user experience, drive greater efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the operation of MPF schemes, as well as creating room for fee reduction and paving way for further reforms in the future.

eMPF - One Platform, One MPF



The eMPF Platform is anticipated to bring tremendous benefits to various stakeholders of the MPF System, including scheme members, employers and self-employed persons (SEPs).

The eMPF Platform will serve as a one-stop electronic platform for scheme members to manage their MPF accounts across different MPF schemes anytime and anywhere through online and mobile applications. Scheme members can manage their MPF accounts more effectively by performing a wide range of functions, such as accessing account details, switching funds and consolidating accounts, on a real-time, secure and paperless basis.

Employers and SEPs can handle their MPF contributions through this electronic payment platform. The standardized and automated scheme administrative processes can reduce paper work, human errors, and inadvertent delay or default contributions that would result in contribution surcharge.

Over the past years, much thoughts and efforts were put together by the MPFA with the support of the Government and the MPF industry to develop a set of common standards. The common standards serve as the backbone of the centralized process and workflow for the eMPF Platform. In addition, MPFA will simplify certain cumbersome regulatory requirements and guidelines in order to establish a more convenient and cost-effective regulatory framework.

Development Milestones Achieved

  • eMPF Platform Data Centres and Facilities commenced operation

  • eMPF Platform Software System Analysis & Design completed

  • Location selection of eMPF Service Centres completed


  • Contract for the build and operation of the eMPF Platform awarded

  • Development of eMPF Platform commenced

  • The eMPF Platform Company Limited established

  • Board of Directors of the eMPF Platform Company Limited appointed

  • The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2021 was passed by Legislative Council to provide the legal basis for the operation of the Platform


  • RFP assessment completed
  • The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2019 passed by Legislative Council, inter alia, to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to take forward the eMPF Platform project


  • Request for Information (RFI) exercise to gather information for the tender of the Platform completed
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Platform Project issued to openly invite interested tenderers to build and operate the Platform


Functional Specifications and System Specifications for the Platform developed with the industry and taken to the Panel on Financial Affairs of the Legislative Council


Government formed a working group jointly with MPFA, which involved the industry, to steer and monitor the development and implementation of the Platform


Consultancy study on the feasibility and cost benefit of the conceptual model of the Platform


Consultancy Study on MPF Trustees’ Administration Costs: Scheme administration being the highest cost component


Target Launch of the Platform

Subject to the orderly transition by trustees in sequence upon completion of development, the Platform will come into operation in 2025 at the earliest.


Public information related to the eMPF Platform project is provided on this webpage. For enquiries, please contact us at info@empf.org.hk.