MPF Trustees

Points to note when lodging complaints against MPF trustee are as follows:


  • If scheme members are dissatisfied with the scheme administration or services provided by their MPF trustees, they may, in the first place, consider reflecting their dissatisfaction to the relevant MPF trustees.
  • If it is decided to lodge a complaint to MPFA, the scheme member should provide MPFA with all the necessary information.
  • Due to legal restrictions, MPFA may not be able to provide the complainant with all the details of the follow-up actions.
  • MPFA cannot interfere with MPF trustees’ commercial decisions, adjudicate on disputes between MPF trustees and scheme members/participating employers or order compensations from MPF trustees.
  • When handling complaints against MPF trustees, MPFA will endeavour to handle the complaints according to the established procedures expeditiously as far as practicable. As the content and degree of complexity of each case varies, MPFA has not set out any performance pledges in respect of the completion time for handling complaint cases. However, MPFA will make initial contact with the complainant by phone or in writing within seven working days from the date of receiving the complaint, review the information obtained and contact all related parties (including the complainant and the related MPF trustee) in order to follow up the complaint. MPFA will provide the complainant with an update at least once every two months and notify the complainant of the outcome upon completion of the case. 
  • If MPFA suspects that an MPF trustee has not complied with the statutory requirements during the course of processing a complaint case, it will investigate the case in accordance with the established procedures having regard to the nature of non-compliance. However, MPFA may not be able to provide the complainant with all the details about our investigation because such disclosure may be subject to certain legal restrictions. For instance, there is a general prohibition in the MPFSO against the disclosure of information which MPFA has obtained in the exercise or performance of its functions under the MPFSO. As such, MPFA may also be restrained from disclosing investigation details to avoid having adverse impacts on the enforcement actions. Other grounds why such disclosure cannot be made include those set out under Part 2 of the Code on Access to Information of MPFA.