Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy statement

MPFA strives for a sustainable future through building a retirement savings system that is valued by Hong Kong people, and in the process makes responsible and caring efforts towards the community, the environment and our colleagues.

Environmental protection

MPFA embraces sustainable development and upholds environmental protection principles in its daily operations. For example:

  • green procurement: purchasing environmentally responsible products and recyclable items
  • energy conservation: installing timers to automatically switch off office equipment during non-office hours

MPFA has established an Environmental Protection Charter.

Care for the community

Through the MPFA CSR Committee and Volunteer Team, MPFA supports the involvement of our staff in various community services and charitable activities, and coordinates participation in fundraising activities for charity organizations.

Care for our staff

Staff are MPFA’s most valuable asset. In addition to competitive pay, training and career development opportunities, we also offer other fringe benefits and organize various staff welfare activities. These include:

  • recreational activities: sports competitions, hiking activities, etc.
  • interest clubs: staff are welcome to form interest clubs and organize activities
  • employee assistance programme: counselling services by qualified professionals to help staff cope with stress
  • lunch seminars: seminars on physical and mental health-related topics are held from time to time

Occupational safety and health

MPFA has implemented precautionary measures, including:

  • workstation safety: as required by the occupational safety and health legislation, MPFA assesses the risks of workstations to the safety and health of users

MPFA has established an Occupational Safety and Health Charter.