Approved Supplier Lists

Application for Inclusion in the MPFA’s Approved Supplier Lists

The MPFA maintains lists of suppliers of goods and services for issuing invitations to quote or tender as and when opportunities arise.  Suppliers wishing to be considered for inclusion in the Approved Supplier Lists may apply by completing the application form and returning it together with the required information to the MPFA.; or


Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority,

General Administration Section

Level 12, Tower 1, The Millennity 

98 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Categories of Goods and Services

The categories of goods and services are listed below: 


  1. General Stationery
  2. Printed Stationery
  3. Copying Paper
  4. Stamper and Chop
  5. Cleaning and Pantry Items
  6. Courier Service
  7. Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Service
  8. Technician Service (supplier must be a Registered Electrical Contractor on the register maintained by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)
  9. Outsourcing Supporting Staff Service
  10. Air-conditioning Maintenance Service
  11. Insurance Brokerage Service (supplier must be a licensed insurance intermediaries on the register maintained by the Insurance Authority)

Points to Note

  1. The MPFA shall select the suitable suppliers based on the assessment criteria applicable to the relevant categories of goods and services.  Subject to confirmation of their credentials, suppliers found to be acceptable will be included in the Approved Supplier Lists.  Inclusion of suppliers in the lists is entirely at the MPFA’s discretion.
  2. Incomplete submission may not be processed.
  3. Successful applicants will be notified in writing of their inclusion in the lists.  If no notification is received within four months of application, applicants shall assume that their applications are unsuccessful. All application forms will not be retained for more than 2 years.
  4. All procurement of goods or services shall be subject to the MPFA’s invitations to quote or tender.
  5. To remain in the Approved Supplier Lists, suppliers should demonstrate adequate response to the MPFA’s invitations and ability to offer competitive quotations / tenders.  The MPFA also considers their performance in relation to any contract(s) which they have been awarded.
  6. The MPFA regularly conducts information update with approved suppliers via email.  Suppliers who fail to submit information required in time may be removed from the Approved Supplier Lists without notice.
  7. The MPFA reserves the right to review the status of approved suppliers in light of any new information relevant to their qualifications and remove suppliers from the Approved Supplier Lists at any time without prior notice and without compensation.


For any enquiries, please email to