Mission and Role

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) is a statutory body established under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance (MPFSO).


To build a retirement savings system that is valued by Hong Kong people


  • To regulate and supervise privately managed provident fund schemes
  • To educate the working population about saving for retirement and the role of the MPF System as one of the pillars supporting retirement living
  • To lead improvements to provident fund schemes to make them more efficient and user-friendly, and better meet the needs of the working population


To regulate and supervise the operations of MPF schemes and occupational retirement schemes


According to the MPFSO, MPFA’s functions are:


  • to ensure compliance with the MPFSO
  • to register provident fund schemes as registered schemes
  • to approve qualified persons to be approved trustees of registered schemes
  • to regulate the affairs and activities of approved trustees and to ensure as far as reasonably practicable that those trustees administer the registered schemes for which they are responsible in a prudent manner
  • to regulate sales and marketing activities, and the giving of advice, in relation to registered schemes
  • to make rules or guidelines for the payment of mandatory contributions and for the administration of registered schemes with respect to those contributions
  • to consider and propose reforms of the law relating to occupational retirement schemes or provident fund schemes
  • to promote and encourage the development of the retirement scheme industry in Hong Kong, including the adoption of a high standard of conduct and sound prudent business practices by trustees and other service providers
  • to oversee the operation of an electronic MPF system, including -
    (i)  approving rules as described in the MPFSO;
    (ii) giving to the system operator and approved trustees directions or instructions MPFA considers appropriate for safeguarding the integrity and stability of the system; and
    (iii) monitoring the compliance with the operating rules and the directions and instructions mentioned in subparagraph (ii) by the system operator
  • to supervise the performance by a specified entity of any of the functions assigned, conferred or imposed under relevant sections of the MPFSO to the entity
  • to enhance the understanding and knowledge of the members of the public of the features, objectives, operations and investments of registered schemes 
  • to exercise such other functions as are conferred or imposed on MPFA by or under the MPFSO or any other ordinance


According to the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance, MPFA also acts as the Registrar of Occupational Retirement Schemes