MPF Investment

Investment Operation

MPF contributions and investment flow

Step 1: Making contributions


  • Regular employees: both employers and employees are required to make contributions, which are paid to the trustees by the employers
  • Self-employed persons: contributions are directly paid to the trustees

Step 2: Collection, verification and allocation of contributions to scheme members’ accounts by trustees

Step 3: MPF fund investment

  • Trustees subscribe fund units according to scheme members’ investment choices#
  • Investment managers make investments for funds according to the investment strategies and objectives set out in the MPF Scheme Brochure
  • Custodians (delegated by trustees and independent of investment managers) are responsible for safekeeping of fund assets

Currently, MPF funds are traded on a daily basis. Every scheme has its own cut-off-time for receiving investment instruction. Any instructions received after the cut-off-time will be processed on the next trading day.


Step 4: Scheme members’ MPF accounts

  • Trustees allocate fund units subscribed to individual employees’ accounts
  • Scheme members accumulate fund units through regular contributions
  • Scheme members can check their MPF account status, and change investment allocations or switch MPF funds via telephone or the Internet
  • Trustees issue fund fact sheets and annual benefit statements to scheme members regularly. These documents show the latest fund information and the investments of the scheme members’ accounts during the previous financial year


Services offered by trustees may differ from scheme to scheme. For more information, check out the MPFA's Trustee Service Comparative Platform or contact the relevant trustees for enquiries.

Role of MPFA  

As the regulatory body, MPFA is responsible for:

  • regulating and supervising the operation of MPF schemes
  • monitoring trustees on an on-going basis
  • recovering default contributions and surcharges from defaulting employers, including initiating criminal prosecution, in order to protect the interests of scheme members