Scheme Members

Common offences


Providing false or misleading information to trustees*, eMPF Platform* or MPFA

It is an offence for scheme members to make false or misleading statements to trustees* or eMPF Platform* such as for early withdrawal of MPF on ground of permanent departure from Hong Kong.



* MPF trustees and their schemes will get onboard the eMPF Platform in sequence one by one. When the scheme has got onboard to the Platform, eMPF Company will utilize the eMPF Platform to perform the administration of the scheme, provide scheme administration services to employer, scheme member and self-employed person and handle the service instructions. From then on, employer, scheme member and self-employed person can manage your MPF on the eMPF Platform and should no longer submit service instructions to MPF trustee; the eMPF Platform will provide the relevant information and/or documents to you directly. Please visit eMPF Website (www.empf.org.hk) for the onboarding timeline of MPF scheme(s) and the relevant information.