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Education Centre

To be in line with the current trend of online learning and be environmentally friendly, MPFA has digitalized the teaching materials published over the years and developed the Financial Education Online Resources Centre. It is a one-stop e-learning platform that offers a variety of teaching materials, including storybooks, task books, teaching manuals and animations, etc. with a view to assisting teachers and parents in nurturing appropriate attitudes towards money management of the young generation. It also facilitates students to understand the importance of early retirement planning, as well as the basic concepts of the MPF System and MPF investment to help them make better life planning.

The Financial Education Online Resources Centre provides an easy search function that helps teachers, parents and the public look for MPF related educational materials that suit their needs. With the preview function provided for all teaching materials, users can preview the introductions, target groups and content pages of the materials. Simply fill in a form to register as a member of the MPFA Financial Education Online Resources Centre and login, users would be able to download the full version of the materials. Register to become a member now.

The Financial Education Online Resources Centre also has a Parent Zone, where parents can get the latest MPF information and also information on activities relating to family financial planning, financial education and retirement planning.