MPF Investment

Fund Types And Features

What is a mixed assets fund?

A mixed assets fund invests primarily in a mix of bonds and equities. Mixed assets funds have different risk levels, depending on the allocation between equities and bonds.

Risk level

The risk of mixed assets funds generally lies somewhere between the risk of a bond fund and an equity fund, with higher risks associated with greater investment in stocks. Always read the MPF Scheme Brochure and other fund updates to ensure full understanding of the risks attached.

Target date fund

A target date fund is a special form of mixed assets fund which links the investment portfolio to a target date. The asset mix in the fund changes as the target date approaches.

This kind of portfolio maximizes growth opportunities in equities in the earlier stage and gradually increases its allocation to more conservative assets (e.g. bonds and cash) closer to the target date.

For more information about the major types of MPF funds, please visit the thematic website on MPF investment education.