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Mandatory Contributions

Mandatory contributions made for an employee are fully and immediately vested in the employee once they are paid into his/her MPF account. Any investment return derived from the mandatory contributions is also fully and immediately vested in that employee.

Use digital channels to handle MPF contributions: Convenient, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly

Processing MPF contributions for employees is a regular and important task of employers. A responsible employer will do its utmost to ensure each and every contribution is calculated accurately and processed on time. However, there are cases in which employers are unable to make MPF contributions or submit remittance statements to their trustees on time, resulting in a surcharge and even prosecution. Calculating contributions manually is not reliable and is error-prone, and submitting remittance statement or cheques by post may result in delivery delays.
Using electronic tools or services provided by trustees to handle MPF matters is not only time-saving and environmentally friendly, but also efficient and hassle free.



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How to define timely contribution payments
To make timely contribution payments, employers must complete the following steps:

  1. Calculate the contribution amount accurately;
  2. Complete the remittance statement (ensuring the contribution amount on the remittance statement and the actual contribution amount match); and
  3. Ensure that there are sufficient funds in the bank account and that the contributions and remittance statements reach the trustee on time.*
(*In general, the contribution day for employees is the 10th day of each month. Employers are required to make the contributions and submit the remittance statement on or before the contribution day. If a contribution day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, gale warning day (tropical cyclone warning signal no.8 or above) or black rainstorm warning day, the contributions are due on the next working day.)
What are the advantages of using electronic tools or services provided by trustees
  • Employers can use the electronic tools provided by trustees to accurately calculate their employees’ MPF contributions to avoid surcharges arising from inaccurate calculations for contributions, and incorrect or incomplete information on the remittance statement, which cause a delay in the trustee’s handling of the contributions.

  • By using autopay or other electronic channels provided by the trustees to make the MPF contributions, employers can avoid late payment surcharges because of a delay in postal delivery or a dispute about the payment date.

  • The updated contribution records of the employees are saved in the electronic tools provided by some trustees. The employers who uses these e-tools can update or modify the records easily without having to fill in the same information each time.

  • Employers can check past remittance statements and electronic payment records for easier and more systemic management of records.

  • In the long run, handling MPF matters in a paperless manner is not only environmentally friendly, but also drives the reduction of administrative fees of MPF schemes.


Please note that it is important for employers to ensure that their MPF contributions and relevant documents are submitted on time. If there are any delays or errors (whether by late submission or insufficient funds) resulting in the contributions being late, the employer will be liable to a surcharge equivalent to 5% of the contributions in arrears.

Electronic tools and services provided by trustee(s)
Different trustees provide different electronic tools and services to help employers report MPF contributions (remittance statements) and make contributions more effectively. The trustees take appropriate measures to ensure that employers can use their electronic services securely. Employers can choose the right tools or services for their needs, such as:
  1. Reporting MPF contribution information (Remittance Statements)
    • Online Contribution Tool Employers can calculate and submit MPF contributions through the online system set up by their trustee.
    • HR Management/ Payroll Software The one-stop MPF contribution software provided by the trustee allows employers to handle various human resources management matters, like the calculation of MPF contributions, payroll, taxes and holiday management.
    • Prescribed Spreadsheet Electronic reports with automatic calculation of contributions and a contribution file can be submitted via email or uploaded via the trustee's electronic platform.

  2. Payment of MPF Contributions
    • Autopay
    • Other electronic payments

  3. User Guide and/or Demonstration Video
    • To assist employers who have not used or do not know how to use electronic tools to handle MPF matters, most trustees provide a user guide and/or demonstration video.
  4. Trustee Hotline
    • The trustees provide technical support for employers. Employers can call their trustee’s customer service hotline if they have any questions about using the electronic tools.
  5. Online Security
    • The trustees will take appropriate measures to ensure that employers and employees can use their electronic services securely.


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Promotional activities on MPF digital transformation
MPF e-Tools Experience Day
Co-organized by the MPFA and the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR Government, with the support of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM), the Hong Kong Trustees Association, and the Pension Schemes Association, the “MPF e-Tools Experience Day” was held from 26 to 27 November 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
This two-day event aimed to promote the use of MPF electronic tools which facilitates businesses to handle MPF administration work in a more convenient and efficient manner. The MPFA also took the opportunity to introduce the latest development progress and features of the eMPF Platform with a view to promoting digital transformation to companies. Concurrently, the MPFA hosted two sharing sessions to introduce the benefits of handling MPF administration work electronically, plus the key features of the eMPF Platform and its latest development.
The event was well received by the employers and human resources practitioners with a record of 1,300 participants. They experienced a journey from the current manual, paper-based MPF administration work to the new digital era at this event.

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