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MPFA Chairman has given an interview with TVB Finance News (25 August 2021)


MPFA Chairman Mrs Ayesha Macpherson Lau was interviewed by TVB Finance News on 25 August, sharing her insights on the investment performance of MPF and major reforms of the MPF System.


Mrs Lau said that as at the end of June 2021, the total MPF asset was about $1.2 trillion, while the annualized rate of return of the MPF System since its inception was 5.1%, higher than the corresponding inflation rate of 1.8% over the same period. She emphasized that MPF was a long- term investment, employees therefore need not be overly concerned about the short-term volatility in the stock markets. She believed the MPF System can help citizens accumulate a significant amount of retirement reserve in the long run. 


Furthermore, Mrs Lau said that the MPFA is working in full steam to build the eMPF Platform which is expected to fully operate in 2025 and will enhance the operation efficiency of the MPF System. It is estimated that the average administrative fee will reduce by around 30% initially. After 10 years of operation, the cumulative cost saving will be $30 - $40 billion. 




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