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MPFA Managing Director Mr Cheng Yan-chee interviewed by the media on MPFA’s efforts in sharing “good MPF stories” with overseas peers (28 February 2024)


MPFA Managing Director Mr Cheng Yan-chee was interviewed by RTHK, Commercial Daily, Economic Digest and China Fund News earlier this month, sharing the MPFA’s participation in international events, including international and regional meetings, to present the latest development of the MPF System and major achievements in various aspects of MPF. The related media reports were published. 

He highlighted that the MPFA will co-organize the Global Forum on Private Pensions with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) in Hong Kong in 2026, with an expected participation of 1,000 attendees.

Mr Cheng also said that during the overseas meetings, both eMPF Platform project and default investment strategy had received positive feedback, which were considered as successful showcases to solve the pain points of pension systems. 

The interview and the related news story can be viewed via these links (Chinese only) :

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