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What's New

SFST and LegCo Members try out the eMPF Platform (28 March 2024)


The Hon Christopher Hui, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (SFST) and Legislative Council (LegCo) Members participated in eMPF Platform trial use sessions organized by the MPFA at the LegCo Complex today (28 March), the second day of the two-day event.





Over 40 LegCo Members and their assistants joined the trial use sessions. MPFA Managing Director Mr Cheng Yan-chee thanked SFST as well as LegCo Members and their assistants for their participation and invaluable comments. To pave the way for the phased onboarding of MPF schemes to the eMPF Platform scheduled to commence in June, Mr Cheng said that the MPFA would roll out dedicated promotion and education programmes soon for employers and scheme members to ensure a smooth transition to the eMPF Platform.






The objective of the trial use event was to offer hands-on experience to the lawmakers and their assistants on the vast array of new functions available on the Platform, before its official launch in June.






The eMPF Platform is the most significant reform initiative of the MPF System since its inception. The Platform will provide one-stop MPF administration services to 4.75 million scheme members and 360,000 employers. The phased onboarding of MPF trustees to the Platform will commence in June 2024 in ascending order of the size of their assets-under-management and it is expected that the whole migration process will complete in 2025.