Self-employed Persons

How to avoid non-compliance?

SEPs should take note of the following common misconceptions to ensure they comply with the relevant requirements and avoid contravening the law. 



Misconception: Since my employer has enrolled me in an MPF scheme and has made contributions for me, I do not have to enrol myself in an MPF scheme as a self-employed person even though I have other personal businesses. 

Enrolling in an MPF scheme 
If you are both an SEP and an employee concurrently, you have to enrol in an MPF scheme in the capacity of SEP and employee respectively. As an SEP, you have to enrol yourself in an MPF scheme. As an employee, your employer must enrol you in an MPF scheme and make mandatory contributions for you. 


Misconception: As my business has been suffering losses, I am not required to make MPF contributions, and there is no need for me to return the notice from the trustee* to report my relevant income. 


Handling MPF contributions 
SEP should report to the trustee* the relevant income at least 30 days before the end of the financial year of the scheme. This will be used as a reference for calculating the mandatory contributions for the next financial year. Even if the business sustains a loss, SEP is still required to make a written statement to the trustee* declaring that the business has sustained a net loss. After that, SEP can suspend the mandatory contributions from the current contribution period.

* MPF trustees and their schemes will get onboard the eMPF Platform in sequence one by one. When the scheme has got onboard to the Platform, eMPF Company will utilize the eMPF Platform to perform the administration of the scheme, provide scheme administration services to employer, scheme member and self-employed person and handle the service instructions. From then on, employer, scheme member and self-employed person can manage your MPF on the eMPF Platform and should no longer submit service instructions to MPF trustee; the eMPF Platform will provide the relevant information and/or documents to you directly. Please visit eMPF Website (www.empf.org.hk) for the onboarding timeline of MPF scheme(s) and the relevant information.