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1. I am the owner of a construction company. I employ some construction workers on a short-term basis, while the rest are permanent clerical and managerial staff. I plan to enrol my short-term employees in an Industry Scheme.  Can I enrol my permanent staff in an Industry Scheme as well?

Yes. Employers in the construction and catering industries can enrol both casual employees and regular employees in an Industry Scheme.

2. I am the employer of a group company with several subsidiary companies. One of the subsidiary companies is engaged in the catering industry and the rest are engaged in other industries. Can I enrol the employees of all the subsidiary companies in an Industry Scheme?
No. Industry Schemes are only open to employers and employees in the construction and catering industries. Only the employees who work for the subsidiary company in the catering industry may be enrolled in an Industry Scheme.
3. My company is in the catering industry. Am I legally required to participate in an Industry Scheme?
No. Although Industry Schemes provide administrative convenience to the employers in the construction and catering industries, participation is voluntary. Employers engaged in the construction or catering industries may choose to enrol their employees in an Industry Scheme or a Master Trust Scheme.
4. What should I pay attention to when opening an account for a casual employee?

Please ensure that the casual employee provides the following information in the enrolment form:


  • full name of employee;
  • HKID number;
  • date of birth;
  • contact information (address and telephone number);
  • choice of funds (if any); 
  • tax residency self-certification (i.e.declaration on whether the employee is a tax resident outside Hong Kong); and
  • employee’s signature.


If employees fail to provide their tax residency self-certification, their trustees will not be able to complete the account opening procedures.


For details on AEOI, please visit the websites of the Hong Kong Trustee's Association and the Inland Revenue Department.

5. How should I calculate mandatory contributions for casual employees enrolled in an Industry Scheme?
You should use the designated contribution scales to calculate contributions for casual employees enrolled in an Industry Scheme.
6. If I have enrolled a casual employee in an Industry Scheme, do I need to inform the MPF trustee when I cease to employ him?

No. An employer is not required to inform the MPF trustee when a casual employee who is a member of an Industry Scheme ceases employment.


However, if you have chosen to enrol your casual employees in a Master Trust Scheme, you are required to notify the trustee of the employee's cessation of employment in writing.

7. What are the advantages of enrolling my casual employees in an Industry Scheme?
If employers choose to make mandatory contributions on the next working day after pay-day, they are not required to provide employees with pay-records or to keep records of the payment of relevant income.