MPF Investment

Principles of Fund Investment

Fee deductions

Fees and charges are usually deducted in one of two ways:


  • fund level deduction involves deducting fees and charges from fund assets; or
  • member level deduction involves deducting fund units from members’ account for fees and charges.

Most MPF funds use fund level deduction to deduct fees and expenses from fund assets, which include:


  • administration fees
  • investment management fees
  • trustee fees
  • custodian fees
  • sponsor fees
  • out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. annual audit, printing and postage fees, etc.)

Fees and charges of funds are accrued on a daily basis and calculated based on the net asset value of the fund as a whole.

Checking for fund prices

In order to make it easier for scheme members to check for fund prices: 


  • trustees are required to publish the latest unit bid/offer price or unit net asset value for funds
  • fund prices must be published at least once a month, although most trustees do so more frequently
  • fund prices must be published in at least one leading English-language and one leading Chinese-language daily newspaper in Hong Kong
  • most trustees also use digital platforms to publish fund prices

Scheme members can also check out the Monthly Fund Prices.