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Organized annually by MPFA, the Good MPF Employer Award aims to cultivate employers’ responsibility under the law, and give recognition to employers who strive to enhance retirement protection for their employees.


Objectives of the Award:


  • To promote and foster employers’ compliance with MPF legislation
  • To encourage employers to provide better retirement benefits for their employees
  • To recognize employers who are exemplary in enhancing the retirement benefits of their employee



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Supporting Organizations

To further promote the Award in the community, the MPFA has invited a number of representative employer associations, labour unions and professional bodies as Supporting Organizations. The MPFA would like to extend its warmest thanks to the following organizations for their generous support (in alphabetical order):

Supporting organizations

Eligibility and awards

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Application eligibility

Good MPF Employer Award

This Award is granted on an annual basis, covering the period from 1 April to 31 March of the following year. Employers who fulfil the following criteria can submit an application for the Award:


  1. At Least One Year’s Participation in an MPF Scheme
  2. Employers are required to have participated in an MPF scheme for at least one year (as at 31 March of the award year).


  3. Compliance with Employer’s Statutory Obligations
  4. As a basic requirement, employers must have complied with the relevant requirements under MPF legislation, including enrolling their employees in an MPF scheme and making contributions.


  5. Provision of Better Retirement Protection for Employees
  6. Apart from being compliant with MPF legislation, employers must have taken one or more extra steps towards enhancing the retirement protection of their employees. They must have fulfilled at least one of the following criteria during the year:

    • Offered more than one MPF scheme for employees to choose from; or
    • Offered MPF voluntary contributions for their employees; or
    • Offered their employees other forms of retirement benefits that are related to the MPF System.
Special awards

To specially commend and give public recognition to employers that have made continuous efforts to further enhance the retirement protection of their employees, employers who fulfil the relevant requirements will be presented with one or more of the following awards:


  1. Good MPF Employer 5 Years+
  2. Best All-round MPF Employer

In addition, employers fulfilling the criteria for the Good MPF Employer Award can apply for the following two special awards at the same time:


  1. e-Contribution Award
  2. MPF Support Award

The specific assessment criteria are as follows:


  1. Good MPF Employer 5 Years+ 
  2. Employers being awarded for Good MPF Employer Award for 5 consecutive years or more.


  3. Best All-round MPF Employer 
  4. Employers fulfilling ALL five criteria below during the 2020-21 financial year will be further honoured as Best All-round MPF Employer:

    (1) Received the Good MPF Employer for seven consecutive years; and
    (2) Offered more than one MPF scheme; and
    (3) Offered MPF voluntary contributions for selected or all of their employees; and
    (4) Received the e-Contribution Award; and
    (5) Received the MPF Support Award.


  5. e-Contribution Award 
  6. Employers must have submitted contribution data or made contribution payments electronically (i.e. by email, via an internet system, or by using the contribution software provided by trustees) for three months or more and will use online methods ** to submit application for this year’s award.

    ** “Online methods” refer to the application submitted through the online application website provided by MPFA and by emails. Fax and post are not included.


  7. MPF Support Award
  8. Employers must have provided their employees with at least two kinds of support services to help them manage their MPF during the award year. For example, they may have:


    • organized MPF talks for employees
    • provided employees with information about the MPF scheme (e.g. by posting the MPF scheme’s website, hotline or Fund Fact Sheets etc. on the company or organization’s intranet or notice board)
    • disseminated the latest information about the MPF System to employees (e.g. information related to the Default Investment Strategy, Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions)
    • provided assistance to employees on managing their MPF (e.g. consolidating their MPF accounts, transferring their MPF benefits under the Employee Choice Arrangement)

Please read our detailed eligibility and assessment criteria before submitting an application.

Note: Notwithstanding the criteria listed above, the MPFA reserves the right to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the Award. In case of dispute, the decision of the MPFA shall be final.
Successful awardees are entitled to the following privileges:

Using the Award Logo
Awardees are entitled to use the Award logo on their websites and promotional materials for one year (i.e. from 1 October to 30 September of the following year).

Note: An awardee’s use of the Good MPF Employer Award logo in advertisements or promotional materials does not imply that the MPFA endorses the awardee’s products or services.

Listing on the MPFA Website
The awardees’ names will be listed on the MPFA website.

Presentation of an Award Certificate
Awardees will be presented with an Award Certificate.

Media Coverage
Selected awardees will be invited for media interviews and to be covered in newspaper supplements or published on websites.

Premium Services
Awardees will be invited to MPFA events and will receive the latest MPFA updates.
How to apply

The application for the Good MPF Employer Award 2020-21 is closed. The award is granted on a yearly basis. 


For 2021-2022 applications, please take note of our announcement at this website.

Gallery/video highlights


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Q1.   Why should our company apply for the Good MPF Employer Award?
A1:   The Award recognizes your company’s efforts to provide better retirement protection for your employees, and projects a good corporate image for your company.
Q2.   Is there any submission or processing fee for the Award?
A2:   No. Participation is free of charge.
Q3.   What are the criteria for the Good MPF Employer Award and the special awards?
A3:   Please click here for the detailed eligibility and assessment criteria for the Good MPF Employer Award and the special awards.
Q4.   Can I apply for the e-Contribution Award and/or the MPF Support Award alone, without applying for the Good MPF Employer Award?
A4:   No. The e-Contribution Award and the MPF Support Award are not standalone awards. Companies/organizations that fulfil the criteria for the Good MPF Employer Award can apply for one or both of the aforementioned awards at the same time, if they fulfil the award criteria for these special awards.
Q5.   Do we need to submit samples of our promotional materials using the Award logo to the MPFA for prior approval?
A5:   No. Please refer to the “Guide For Using the Good MPF Employer Award Logo” for details about the correct use of the logo.
Q6.   Can I nominate a company which I don’t work for?
A6:   No. Employers can only be nominated by their current employees.
Q7.   Can I nominate more than one employer?
A7:   Yes you can, as long as you are an employee of each of the employers that you wish to nominate.
Q8.   How can I obtain more information about the award?
A8:   Please call our Good MPF Employer Award hotline at 2292 1222, or email us at

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