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What's New

Interactive exchanges between MPFA Chairman and professional drivers (12 August 2021)


Many professional drivers in the transportation industry are working in the capacity of self-employed persons (SEP). Some of them may believe it is voluntary for SEP to open an MPF SEP account, and have therefore unconsciously breached the MPF legislation for failing to enrol in MPF which however is a mandatory requirement. 


MPFA Chairman Mrs Ayesha Lau, Acting Managing Director Mr Cheng Yan Chee and MPFA colleagues today met with representatives of the Motor Transport Workers General Union and professional drivers in various types of commercial vehicles with a view to clarifying common misconceptions about SEP. She also sought the opportunity to listen to their views and appeal to them to make good use of MPF for retirement planning as early as possible.




Mrs Lau said while SEP could enjoy flexibility in their work, and have full control of their income, it also made it difficult for them to save money if they lack the perseverance. Moreover, self-employed professional drivers are not entitled to contributions nor retirement protection provided by employers, therefore they should proactively plan for their retirement without further delay. Making MPF contribution enables SEP to establish a disciplined saving habit and facilitates them to accumulate savings by compounding effect.


Mrs Lau and MPFA colleagues together with representatives of the Motor Transport Workers General Union also went to Oi Kwan Road in Wan Chai to distribute MPF leaflets and tailor-made souvenirs to taxi drivers.