What's New

What's New

MPFA attends IOPS meetings and IOPS/OECD/CONSAR International Conference in Mexico (13-14 February 2024)


MPFA Executive Director (Policy) Mr Eric Cheng, representing Hong Kong, China, attended the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) meetings and IOPS/OECD/CONSAR1  International Conference on Private Pensions in Mexico from 13 to 14 February to discuss topical issues of private pensions with representatives of pension supervisors, government officials and subject matter experts from different jurisdictions.





At the IOPS meeting, Mr Cheng shared MPFA’s experience in enhancing its own resilience against risks common to pension supervisors across jurisdictions. The sharing highlighted MPFA’s work to establish a robust risk management framework, develop business continuity plans for effectively responding to contingencies, and implement measures to strengthen the MPF industry’s resilience against critical incidents. 




Mr Cheng also attended the session on “Digitalization and inclusion in pension systems” at the International Conference, where he showcased the eMPF Platform as a major digital infrastructure that will reshape the ecosystem of the MPF.  Apart from the benefit of reducing administration fees, the eMPF Platform will also promote engagement and inclusion in the MPF System with a user-friendly interface, enhanced accessibility to MPF information, and more efficient member protection features.





1 The IOPS is an international standard-setting body for pension supervisory issues with the objective of improving the quality and effectiveness of the supervision of private pension systems around the world. The OECD refers to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, whereas the CONSAR refers to the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System of Mexico.