Joining MPFA

1. Shared values

MPFA is committed to the implementation and enforcement of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance. Our staff must adhere to the principle of equal opportunities and the core values of commitment and community perspective, and ensure professional and quality service when fulfilling their statutory obligations. 

Our staff have been commended for their commitment to service excellence and have also received numerous awards in recognition of their professional service.

2. Rewards and recognition

To attract and retain talents, we strive to provide a fair and competitive remuneration package and fringe benefits, including annual leave, medical and dental benefits, life insurance coverage and MPF. Performance-linked salary adjustment and discretionary variable pay subject to individual performance may also be granted to staff. 

Staff recognition awards are presented every year to staff with outstanding performance to foster a corporate culture that encourages commitment and dedication and to recognize the exceptional contributions of our staff.

3. Training and career development

We attach great importance to training and development, offering various training programmes to enhance our staff’s professional competence, broaden their industry knowledge and deepen their organizational understanding. These programmes include:


  • management development programmes;
  • training courses on business knowledge;
  • training in technical/professional skills;
  • knowledge sharing sessions; and
  • overseas and local training.

We also provide opportunities for staff to attend or speak at seminars and conferences to facilitate exchanges between MPFA and local and international industries and stakeholders, while expanding the professional knowledge and network of our staff. 

4. Work-life balance

To help our staff achieve work-life balance, MPFA regularly organizes a variety of social activities such as sports games, trips to the countryside, interest classes and health talks. Our staff are also encouraged to form interest clubs and organize recreational activities to promote physical and mental health and develop team spirit.

The MPFA Volunteer Team encourages our staff to participate in volunteer service and reach out to members of the community who need help.