MPF Intermediaries

Under the MPFSO, MPFA works with three frontline regulators, namely the Insurance Authority (IA), the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to carry out the relevant regulatory work. MPFA is the sole authority to determine and impose any disciplinary orders against MPF intermediaries (MPFIs) under the MPFSO.

MPF intermediaries and regulated activities

There are two types of MPFIs:

principal intermediaries (PIs) are business entities registered with MPFA for carrying on regulated activities
subsidiary intermediaries (SIs) are persons attached to a PI for carrying on regulated activities on behalf of the PI

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Performance requirements


The Guidelines on Conduct Requirements for Registered Intermediaries, issued under the MPFSO, provide guidance in respect of the minimum standards of conduct expected of regulated persons who engage in conducting MPF sales and marketing activities and giving advice in relation to registered MPF schemes.

In particular, they provide guidance about the circumstances in which MPFA will be satisfied that a regulated person has, or has not, complied with a performance requirement under sections 34ZL and 34ZM of the MPFSO for the purposes of section 34ZW of the MPFSO.

MPFA will provide instructions to MPFIs via circular letters. Check out the circular letters related to MPFI.