MPF Intermediaries

Points to note when handling MPF matters via MPF intermediaries (MPFIs)

  1. Check the registration record

    When MPFIs (subsidiary intermediaries (SIs)) approach scheme members, they will first produce a name card to introduce themselves and the principal intermediary (PI) to which they are attached. If scheme members have any doubts about their identities, they can check the registration records in the Public Register of the SIs and PIs.

  2. Give written instructions if possible

    Scheme members should give written instructions to MPFIs (e.g. through WhatsApp, emails) in order to avoid miscommunication, as well as to provide proof in case the matter finally results in a complaint and dispute

  3. Choose suitable MPF products

    Before deciding to join any MPF schemes or invest in any funds, scheme members must sufficiently understand the features of the products from the MPFIs,  especially if a guaranteed fund is involved.  Scheme members should learn about the guarantee period of the guaranteed fund and the risks associated with the failure of the guarantor.

  4. Get familiar with MPF forms before signing
    Scheme members should ask MPFIs to explain the contents and purposes of any forms and documents before signing on them.

  5. Do not sign on blank forms

    Scheme members should not sign incomplete/blank forms, even under the request of MPFIs, as this is not in their best interests to do so and may give rise to unauthorized transfers or other disputes in the future.

  6. Obtain copies of signed forms

    Scheme members should ask MPFIs to provide them with all copies of the forms and documents signed by them as soon as practicable.