MPF System

Enrolment and Termination

Self-employed persons (SEPs) are required to enrol themselves in an MPF scheme and open an SEP account within the first 60 days of becoming self-employed.

Enrolment procedure


  • SEPs are free to choose their own MPF schemes
  • Directly contact the trustees of their chosen schemes to set up their SEP accounts
  • Sign a participating agreement
  • Fill in an enrolment form indicating their choice of MPF funds, relevant income, and  contribution frequency (monthly or annually)
  • Complete a tax residency self-certification (i.e. declaration on whether  the SEP is a tax resident outside Hong Kong)
  • Return the completed form to the trustee to set up an account
If an SEP does not provide any fund choice in the form, the contributions will be invested according to the Default Investment Strategy (DIS).

If an SEP fails to provide the tax residency self-certification, the trustee will not be able to complete the account opening procedure.

Notice of participation

After an SEP has been accepted as a member of an MPF scheme, the trustee will issue a notice of participation to the member.

The notice will include:

  • name of the MPF scheme in which the member is enrolled
  • name and address of the trustee
  • name of the scheme member
  • issue date of the notice

Failure to enrol in an MPF scheme

If an SEP fails to enrol in an MPF scheme on time, the SEP is liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and imprisonment for six months.