MPF System

MPF Account Management

When scheme members transfer their MPF, they need to choose an MPF trustee and an MPF scheme.

Before choosing a trustee and a scheme, scheme members must consider the following factors:

  • products (schemes and funds)
  • services
  • fund charges and performance
  • personal factors

Steps for making transfer

  1. Submit a completed transfer election form^ to the new trustee*. (Note: do not send the documents to MPFA.)
  2. The new trustee* will contact the original trustee*.
  3. The original trustee will sell the fund units in the original scheme and hand over the MPF to the new trustee.
  4. The new trustee will subscribe fund units based on the scheme member’s fund choices.
  5. After the completion of the transfer, the scheme member will receive:
  • a Transfer Statement from the original trustee*; and
  • a Transfer Confirmation from the new trustee*.
^Please check carefully and make sure that the information on the form is correct. In case you have any questions, please contact the relevant trustees*.
Transfer Scenario
Transfer Election Form
From the contribution account of an employee upon cessation of employment~
From the contribution account of a self-employed person
From the personal account of a scheme member
From multiple personal accounts to a single account#
From the contribution account of an employee during employment – Employee Choice Arrangement
From the TVC account of a scheme member

~ If an employee wishes to retain his/her MPF in the original scheme upon cessation of employment, he/she should still complete Form MPF(S)-P(M) and return it to the original trustee*.


The original trustee* will open a personal account for the employee under the scheme and transfer his/her MPF to that account. Once completed, the trustee* will issue a written notice to the employee.


# If a scheme member uses Form MPF(S)-P(C) to consolidate his/her personal accounts, he/she must transfer all voluntary contributions (if any) in the personal accounts to his/her chosen scheme. If the scheme member wishes to withdraw voluntary contributions when consolidating accounts, he/she should use Form MPF(S)-P(M) instead.

* MPF trustees and their schemes will get onboard the eMPF Platform in sequence one by one. When the scheme has got onboard to the Platform, eMPF Company will utilize the eMPF Platform to perform the administration of the scheme, provide scheme administration services to employer, scheme member and self-employed person and handle the service instructions. From then on, employer, scheme member and self-employed person can manage your MPF on the eMPF Platform and should no longer submit service instructions to MPF trustee; the eMPF Platform will provide the relevant information and/or documents to you directly. Please visit eMPF Website ( for the onboarding timeline of MPF scheme(s) and the relevant information.

Contact trustees
For more information about transfer procedures or personal accounts, please contact the relevant trustees.