MPF System

Voluntary Contributions / Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC)

Employees, self-employed persons and employers may choose to make voluntary contributions on top of their mandatory contributions.

Employees can make voluntary contributions to their contribution accounts through their employers. Contributions are subject to the governing rules of their MPF schemes. Generally, employees can withdraw or transfer their MPF only upon cessation of employment.

Self-employed Persons
Self-employed persons (SEPs) are free to make voluntary contributions to their SEP accounts.

Employers can enhance their employees’ retirement protection by making additional contributions on top of the 5% mandatory contributions.

Voluntary contribution arrangements

Unlike mandatory contributions, voluntary contribution arrangements are set out in the governing rules of the MPF scheme rather than the MPF legislation. Such arrangements include:


  • minimum contribution amount
  • vesting scale
  • transfer
  • withdrawal conditions

For details, please contact your trustees.

Maximum tax deductible limit under profits tax

Both mandatory and voluntary contributions made by employers are tax deductible under profits tax, with a maximum amount not exceeding 15% of the employees’ total annual emoluments.

Special voluntary contributions: 
Special voluntary contributions (SVC) are unrelated to employment. They are additional contributions made directly by scheme members to the trustee of an MPF scheme without involving their employers.