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What's New

MPFA senior management promote ESG and eMPF Platform (2 November 2021)


MPFA is in full support of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainable initiatives through its commitment to building the eMPF Platform, which is a paperless digital platform for handling MPF scheme administration processes. MPFA’s management team spoke about aforesaid MPFA’s major initiatives in three different occasions today. 




Chief Operating Officer Mr Leo Chu attended a forum organised by a media organization on ESG and sustainable investing. He introduced the MPFA’s work on this front including the formulation of a guiding principle laying down a high level framework that serves to assist MPF trustees to integrate ESG factors into MPF investment. 




Meanwhile, MPFA Executive Director (Members) Cynthia Hui spoke in an MPF forum that focused on the future of MPF and how digitalization will push the development of Hong Kong's pension system. She delivered a keynote presentation on the latest development of the eMPF Platform project with an audience comprised of around 330 employer representatives and human resources executives. She called on the audience to embrace the digital transformation journey without delay. 




Separately, Mr Eric Lui, Project Director (eMPF) spoke at a fintech conference and introduced the latest progress of the development of the eMPF Platform and its benefits to foster Hong Kong’s fintech development which is crucial in lifting Hong Kong’s capacity as a smart city.