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What's New

MPFA Chairman meets with the Muslims community (22 September 2022)


MPFA Chairman Mrs Ayesha Lau, Managing Director Mr Cheng Yan-chee and MPFA colleagues met with the Muslim Board of Trustees (BOT) and Muslim representatives yesterday (22 Sep) at the Kowloon Mosque to listen to their views on MPF and retirement planning.




Mrs Lau, said at the meeting that the MPF System was set up 21 years ago to help Hong Kong’s workforce save up for their retirement. As part of the members of the Hong Kong community, employees of diverse races are entitled to the protection of MPF, therefore they should understand their MPF rights and proactively manage MPF for better retirement protection.




She appealed to the BOT to join hands with the MPFA to co-organize educational activities to promote MPF among the Muslim community. Being the first chairperson of the MPFA meeting with the BOT, Mrs Lau took the opportunity to introduce the progress of the eMPF Platform project. She added that the MPFA will spare no effort in assisting the Muslim work force and employers to use the eMPF Platform and enjoy the tremendous benefits brought about by this new digital hub in managing MPF.




After the meeting, MPFA and BOT jointly distributed specially produced promotional leaflets and souvenirs to members of the Muslim community.