Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

CSR Policy Statement: MPFA strives for a sustainable future through building a retirement savings system that is valued by Hong Kong people, and in the process makes responsible and caring efforts towards the community, the environment and our colleagues.

CSR Governance: The MPFA CSR Committee, co-chaired by two heads of division and comprising representatives from all business units, oversees CSR development in MPFA. It is responsible for promoting and enhancing awareness of CSR within MPFA and implementing corporate-wide CSR activities.  MPFA’s CSR efforts are regularly communicated to colleagues to encourage their ongoing support and participation.

The community

Financial inclusion: by mandating contributions to MPF schemes, the MPF System helps the workforce develop investment discipline and set aside small sums regularly for their retirement reserves. The small amounts of MPF savings contributed by scheme members are pooled together and invested into quality markets and diversified portfolios through stringently regulated financial products managed by major financial institutions. Fund investment and asset accumulation for retirement is no longer a privilege of high asset individuals.


Sustainable investing: MPFA promotes sustainable investing by encouraging MPF trustees to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the investment and risk management of MPF funds and has discussed with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority the arrangements to facilitate MPF investment in the green bonds issued by them.

In respect of MPFA’s own investment, the investment portfolio managed by our external fund manager has already adopted an ESG investment framework in making investment decision and incorporated green bonds as an option for consideration, while the cash portfolio managed in-house has also considered green deposits.


Community service: through the MPFA CSR Committee and Volunteer Team, MPFA supports the involvement of our colleagues in various community services and charitable activities, and coordinates participation in fundraising activities for charity organizations

The environment

MPFA embraces sustainable development and upholds environmental protection principles in its daily operations. For example:

  • green procurement: purchasing environmentally responsible products and recyclable items
  • energy conservation: switching off office lighting during lunchtime, and using timers to automatically switch off office equipment during non-office hours; installing LED spotlights; using energy-efficient computer equipment; and using virtualization technology to reduce the number of servers required
  • paperless practices: various digital platforms are available to reduce paper consumption and facilitate electronic services; printing management system has been implemented which requires colleagues to confirm print jobs and help reduce unnecessary printouts; an organization-wide document management system is implemented to promote electronic record keeping practice; and introduction of modernized conference facilities and digitalized meeting materials

MPFA has established an Environmental Protection Charter.


The implementation of the eMPF Platform is a major green project. It is a common electronic platform to standardize, streamline and automate the administration processes of all MPF schemes. It serves to facilitate paperless practices among the industry and the community, improve efficiency and enhance user experience.

Our people

People are MPFA’s most valuable asset. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, learning and development activities and career development opportunities, we also organize various staff welfare activities. These include:

  • recreational activities: sports competitions, hiking activities, etc.
  • interest clubs: staff are welcome to form interest clubs and organize activities
  • employee assistance programme: counselling services by qualified professionals to help staff cope with stress
  • lunch seminars: seminars on physical and mental health-related topics are held from time to time


We put in continuous efforts in nurturing a caring workplace to promote the health and well-being of colleagues. Ongoing measures adopted include:


  • family-friendly measures: lactation facilities to nursing mothers and optional work from home arrangement
  • social hub: a common and social area to encourage bonding between colleagues
  • workstation safety:  workstations are equipped with height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs to improve colleagues’ health and productivity


MPFA has established an Occupational Safety and Health Charter.