Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Code of conduct

MPFA has in place a Code of Conduct for Directors, incorporating key conduct rules specified in the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, MPFSO and MPFA’s Standing Orders, for directors’ guidance.

MPFA directors are required to declare their interests upon appointment to the Management Board, make timely updates and review the disclosed information on an annual basis.

Directors are also required to disclose any real or potential conflict of interest in a matter under consideration by the Management Board. Particulars of any disclosure are recorded in a register available for public inspection.

MPFA staff must observe the Code of Conduct for Staff, which covers issues like the offer and acceptance of advantages, avoidance of conflicts of interest, declaration of financial interests, etc.


Before the commencement of each financial year, MPFA prepares a corporate plan and budget for approval by the Financial Secretary of the HKSAR. Progress of the corporate plan is overseen by the Management Board. An annual report, together with audited financial statements and auditor's report, is submitted to the Financial Secretary of the HKSAR.

Performance pledges

Call Centre Service (Hotline: 2918 0102)
Service Standard
Performance (2021-22)
(1) Answering hotline enquiries and messages

a. Answer hotline enquiries within 3 minutes under normal circumstances (i.e. not more than 600 incoming calls a day)



b. Return hotline voice mail messages within the next working day


(2) Answering written enquiries
a. Acknowledge receipt within 3 working days



b. Answer enquiry or provide an interim reply within 10 working days


(3) Acknowledging receipt of complaints
Acknowledge receipt within 3 working days


Complaints Investigation
Service Standard
Performance (2021-22)
Making initial contact with complainant by Case Officer
Contact complainant within 7 working days from the date of receiving a complaint


Communication with the public

Through various activities, such as briefings, talks and exhibitions, MPFA enhances transparency and engagement with stakeholders and the public. MPFA also disseminates MPF messages through various channels, including: